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The Shaklee Difference

At Shaklee, we believe that nature holds the answers to a healthy and productive life. By using pure and potent ingredients and the foremost scientific research, we formulate nutrition products that are truly life enhancing.

Shaklee Products: Purity, Potency, Performance.


Quality ingredients, safe products

The ingredients used in our exclusive formulas go through an incredibly stringent screening process that surpasses even the pharmaceutical standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Our purity standards are some of the toughest in the nutrition industry to guarantee that all of our products are 100% safe.


Extensive studies, effective nutrients

Our scientists find pure and potent ingredients from nature, spending thousands of hours reviewing scientific literature and conducting their own studies to verify efficacy. We use unique combinations of scientifically supported ingredients to create our exclusive formulas.


Better absorption, better results

Decades of clinical studies go into understanding nutrition and how our bodies absorb nutrients. Shaklee scientists have published 125 scientific papers and presentations, including 7 presentations in the last year. Our cutting-edge, patented Shaklee delivery systems are designed to release nutrients in your body in a way that promotes better absorption.

The Shaklee Effect

At Shaklee, we help transform people’s lives through small, simple steps that add up to big results—that’s what we call The Shaklee Effect. And we do that by making better products that are worth sharing. That add up to improved health and wealth around the world.

And we believe that if each of us does our small part—taking small, simple steps to not only take care of ourselves—but to share what we love about Shaklee with others—then together, we can make a difference for people and the planet.

Real People. Real Results.

Ashley used Shaklee 180 to regain her shape and her confidence. She never expected what came next.

A Facebook post by a mutual friend introduced Amber in Florida and Harper in Illinois—and changed both their lives.

Corrie-Beth and Mike have the love story and partnership they’ve always dreamed of.

Bonnie loves being a stay-at-home mom…but she wanted something more. Here’s how she found it.

Small steps to get started

Shaklee makes transformation simple. By combining the best natural products with regimens that work for you, you can start with the nutrients you need to improve how you feel every day. Then add the solutions for your most important health priorities and concerns. Start with those small steps, and you can expect long lasting results, as well as a positive impact on your life and in the lives of those around you.

When you’re ready to transform your financial future, introduce your friends and family to the everyday rewards of sharing Shaklee. Whether you want to earn additional income as a health advocate or express your entrepreneurial spirit as a business mentor, you’ll feel the support of Shaklee every step of the way.

Remember: It starts with our products. If you like them, share them. They come with a 100% money back guarantee so there’s no risk. So join us and be part of the effect.